11.75-in. W 47.75-in. H Transitional Birch Wood-Veneer Wall Curio In Coffee - 337

This transitional wall curio belongs to the exquisite Tiffany design series. It features a rectangle shape. This wall curio is designed to be installed as a wall mount wall curio. It is constructed with birch wood-veneer. This wall curio comes with a lacquer-stain finish in Coffee color.

  • This wall curio belongs to the tiffany series.
  • This wall curio features a rectangle shape with a transitional style.
  • This product is made for wall mount installation.
  • DIY installation instructions are included in the box.
  • This wall curio features 1 door.
  • This wall curio is made with birch wood-veneer.
  • The primary color of this product is coffee and it comes with antique brass hardware.
  • No MDF or chipboard used.
  • Cabinet hardware included.
  • Completely finished from all sides including back and inside.
  • 11.75-in. Width (left to right).
  • 17.25-in. Depth (back to front).
  • 47.75-in. Height (top to bottom).
  • All dimensions are nominal.
  • This product can usually be shipped out in 1 day.
  • Quality control approved in Canada.
  • Each box on your order is physically opened-up and inspected to make sure only the highest quality product is shipped.
  • We take and store photos of every single quality audit of every single order we ship.
  • You can see them when you track your order on our website.
  • THIS PRODUCT INCLUDE(S): 1x wall curio in coffee color (337).
Product ID:337
Product Type:Wall Curio
Install Type:Wall Mount
Num Of Doors:1
Width Group:10-in. - 19-in.
Material:Birch Wood-Veneer
Hardware Color:Antique Brass
Cubic Foot:5.6
Recommended Ship Method:SP
Lead Time In Days:1

11.75-in. W 47.75-in. H Transitional Birch Wood-Veneer Wall Curio In Coffee - 1138