59.5-in. W Floor Mount Dawn Grey Vanity Set For 3H8-in. Drilling #IMG-20305

This modern vanity set belongs to the exquisite Xena Farmhouse design series. It features a rectangle shape. This vanity set is designed to be installed as a floor mount vanity set. It is constructed with plywood-melamine. This vanity set comes with a melamine finish in Dawn Grey color. It is designed for a 3h8-in. faucet.

  • This product is a bundle (set of multiple products).
  • This vanity set belongs to the xena farmhouse series.
  • This vanity set features a rectangle shape with a modern style.
  • This product is made for floor mount installation.
  • DIY installation instructions are included in the box.
  • This vanity set is designed for a 3h8-in. faucet and the faucet drilling location is on the left-right.
  • Comes with an overflow for safety.
  • This vanity set features 2 sinks.
  • This vanity set features 3 drawers.
  • This vanity set is made with plywood-melamine.
  • The primary color of this product is dawn grey and it comes with chrome hardware.
  • Smooth non-porous surface; prevents from discoloration and fading.
  • Double fired and glazed for durability and stain resistance.
  • 1.75-in. standard USA-Canada drain opening.
  • No MDF or chipboard used.
  • Cabinet hardware included.
  • Completely finished from all sides including back and inside.
  • 59.5-in. Width (left to right).
  • 19-in. Depth (back to front).
  • 35.5-in. Height (top to bottom).
  • All dimensions are nominal.
  • This product can usually be shipped out in 1-5 day.
  • Quality control approved in Canada.
  • Your order is physically inspected before shipping.
  • Lookout for the inspectors seal.
  • THIS PRODUCT INCLUDE(S): 2x units of vessel in white color (1579), 1x miscellaneous part in chrome color (542), 1x modular drawer in dawn grey color (548), 2x units of vanity base in dawn grey color (1582).
Product ID:IMG-20305
Product Type:Vanity Set
Series:Xena Farmhouse
Install Type:Floor Mount
Faucet Drilling:3H8-in.
Faucet Drilling Location:Left-Right
Num Of Sinks:2
Num Of Drawers:3
Includes Faucets:No
Includes Drains:No
Width Group:60-in. - 69-in.
Top Thickness:0.75
Front Bowl Thickness:6.75
Hardware Color:Chrome
Color:Dawn Grey
Cubic Foot:23.22
Recommended Ship Method:LTL
Lead Time In Days:1-5

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